A free, roving, all purpose repair shop & cafe
 for and by the community
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Check in with your

item to be fixed.

We will TRY our best to fix it for
for you.

Have a chat and a snack with the person fixing your item.

DONE! leave happy. Wasn't that better than going to a store?



All Repair Cafe events have been CANCELED until further notice.
We appreciate your patience as we navigate these unprecedented times! Please stay home and stay healthy!  

Keeping In Touch

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When requesting to join, please let us know your name in the display name, tell us where you heard of us and the zip code you reside in. This will only be visible to Repair Cafe Staff members and used for statistical purposes so we can serve our community better. Thank you for your interest in Repair Cafe Pasadena!

Due to the number of email addresses we receive, we have changed our platform for our email list. Therefore, we recommend that you use a Gmail account. Using another domain is acceptable, but will require a manual addition and possible delay in receiving our emails.



In the spirit of moving toward zero waste and stewardship of our planet’s resources, Repair Café Pasadena links local handy people to folks in need of repair of all kinds: clothing, appliances, bikes, furniture, electronics, and more. The Repair Café is inspired by the philosophy of a Sharing Economy. We share our time, skills and talents to build a more vibrant local community … one repair at a time.

Check out our new video promoting what we do for our community!


What else happens at a Repair Cafe?



For general Inquiries and volunteer info, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 



Tel: 626-788-2737

Event frequency:

About once every two months.
Let us know if you want to propose a Pasadena location for RC.


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